The Pros and Cons of Panama Travel

Panama is a tropical paradise full of history, culture, wildlife, exotic beaches, and adventure. The country is a narrow strip of land with two continents and two oceans, making it an island-like destination with plenty of beaches and national parks (25% of the country is set aside as protected rainforest). With delicious coffee, the Panama Canal, and a variety of islands, there’s no shortage of things to do in this Latin America gem.

The pros of Panama travel are plentiful, and it’s important to remember that a trip to Panama is just as much about embracing Latin culture as it is about seeing the sights. While the manana mentality can be frustrating at first, it’s easy to get used to once you learn the meaning of the phrase: “when they say tomorrow, they mean not today.”

It’s a beautiful country with a rich history and vibrant, diverse culture that has something to offer every kind of traveler. From the pristine beaches of Costa Rica, to the tropical jungles of Darien and Boquete, to the busy city of Panama City, there’s something for everyone in this incredibly diverse country.

Panama’s capital is a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers, a cosmopolitan nightlife, and a variety of shopping and dining options. It’s also home to many of the best hotels in Central America and the Caribbean. From there, the country’s diverse landscape takes travelers to jungle-clad islands, mountainous volcanoes, and more.

From the beach-party scene of Bocas del Toro, to the wildlife-rich jungles of Darien and the rainforests of Boquete, there are endless adventures in Panama. It’s possible to see Panama in a week, but I recommend taking at least a month to explore the most popular destinations including Panama City, Boquete, and Bocas Del Toro.

The main reason to visit Panama is the Panama Canal, which is a fascinating engineering feat and an unforgettable experience. It’s also a perfect place to hike and explore the natural beauty of the country. For those interested in a little more luxury, there are also resorts and casinos that cater to travelers looking for some relaxation. Panama is a safe country for travelers, but it’s still important to take precautions as you would in any other country. Make sure to carry a copy of your passport, and be aware that some areas have curfews in effect at night. It’s also a good idea to invest in some Spanish lessons before traveling, as many locals speak only Spanish. Finally, if you’re planning to travel to Panama, it’s a good idea to purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance. You can compare the best coverage options for your trip on SafetyWing.