Five Tips For Selecting the Right Satchel


A satchel purse is a bag usually with a single strap, with a flat bottom to hold the contents. The strap is usually worn diagonally across the upper body, so it lines up with the shape of the body, and not directly down by the elbow. In older times, satchels were carried in backpacks, much like today’s messenger bags. These days, many prefer the convenience of having their satchel purse with them at all times, instead of in a backpack. Here are a few important pieces of advice for choosing and using your satchel purse.

First, the straps of the bag usually have three or four strong and evenly spaced apart zippers. The handles of the bag are usually large and comfortable. The handle openings should be large enough to allow a hand to pass through easily. Additionally, the handle and the straps of a hobo purse should have strong and durable zippers, to prevent leakage and other problems. The tote should fit snugly over the shoulders so that the weight of the contents does not pull it around.

Second, the inside of the tote should have pockets, compartments, or loops to hold accessories or small items. This area should also be large enough that the contents do not fall through the cracks of the tote, into the carpet, or onto the ground. For example, the inside of a large tote can have several pockets and compartments for pens, cell phones, a laptop, and a variety of other small items. However, the compartments should not be too deep, so the user’s hands will not get tired holding the tote. Furthermore, the handles of the bag should be wide enough that they are not too heavy to carry, so they do not cause fatigue when worn by the user.

Third, the overall quality of the tote and the fabric on the sides and in the center should be high. Satchels made from durable material, such as leather, should be soft to the touch but firm enough to hold the weight. Additionally, they should have a waterproof coating, since wet conditions can easily damage a tote made from less durable material. Leather tote bags, for example, should not dry out in water.

Fourth, the strap of a tote should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the contents. It should be wide enough to easily accommodate wide handles, double-strap shoulder straps, or even side-straps. The straps should also be padded, since the hands will often be tired from holding the tote and the padding will alleviate that. In addition, satchels with padded handles and straps are usually easier to carry than tote bags with non-padched straps.

Fifth, every item of clothing should be durable enough to withstand frequent use. This means that tote and handbags should be made from durable material and should resist tearing and wear. A tote made from heavy vinyl is more durable than one made from canvas, for example, since the former is less prone to tearing. Additionally, a tote made from heavy canvas may last longer, as it is less susceptible to wrinkles.