DISC Workshop at Cooper Consulting Group

With the pendulum swinging towards remote and hybrid work environments, leadership coaching, mentorship, and group workshops are the popular strategies for sharpening leadership skills. Cooper Consulting Group takes into account these trends as they craft their programs. Their most popular training focuses include cultivating emotionally intelligent leaders, enhancing decision-making acumen, optimizing team dynamics, identifying leadership potential, comprehending interpersonal needs, and coaching inspirational leaders and managers. Their curriculum also covers leadership efficacy, exchange of constructive feedback mechanisms, personal development, grooming executives, spotting and developing talent, fostering a leadership-centric culture, and strengthening overall leadership.

As a nationwide training and development company, Learn more about our DISC workshop at Cooper Consulting Group executes Job Benchmarking through its unique assessment, as well as specializes in DiSC Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hogan Assessments, FIRO-B and FIRO Business, CPI 260, EQ Certified Trainer, TKI Conflict Modes, Strengths-Deployment Inventory, Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership, and IMPACT Teaching. At the helm of this endeavor is Dr. Christie Cooper, whose vast on-field knowledge is complemented by her Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. She is a Master MBTI Practitioner, Certified Trainer in Emotional Intelligence, Channel Partner with the Ken Blanchard Company, and holds certifications from Target Training International.

Schedule a DISC workshop for your team at Cooper Consulting Group. This interactive and engaging workshop, offered in half-day 3-hour sessions or full-day 6-hour sessions, provides participants with Comparison Reports, Customer Maps, a Style Index Guide, and Job Aids. This allows them to gain strategies for flexing their natural sales behaviors and creating more customer-centric interactions that improve results.