KGS News March 2015

It's not really March :)    We are in the process of changing our website and host. Please forgive our hiccups! Our roster of officers is up-to-date so if you have any questions, feel free to call any of them.

SAVE THE DATES!! OCTOBER 16, 17 AND 18, 2015

Leah Reed from Blue Whale Arts is coming to teach our Fall Workshops! These workshops will be held at the Spencer County Extension Office, 100 Oak Tree Way, Taylorsville, KY  40071 (next to the elementary school on Hwy 44). 

We are working on sending registration forms to KGS members but if you would like to pre-register, please send a note identifying the title of the workshop(s) that you would like to attend with a check for $10 .00 for each workshop to:  Kentucky Gourd Society, PO Box 905, Taylorsville, KY  40071.  Leah will collect her fee at the workshop(s) you attend.

If you have any questions about the workshops, what they entail or what you need to bring, please contact Leah directly at:  603.679.1961 or

We hope to see a lot of our fellow gourders at these events!

Please watch for information and photos of these projects on our Facebook page.

Happy Gourding!!

                                                  FRIDAY – OCTOBER 16, 2015


9:00 – 11:00 

Title of Workshop:  FALLEN LEAVES – PART 1 -- (This is a 2-part class - 2nd half of the class will be completed on Sunday Morning)

Workshop Description:  Part 1 of class participants will be applying the texture to the gourd.  The gourd then needs to dry.  We will finish the gourd in Part 2, adding color and making the lid.   If student does not want a lid, instructor can supply a piece of black coco fiber for a coiled rim – but will not be teaching this during class time.  

Instructor will furnish:  gourds

Students should bring:

Part 1 of class:  scissors with a good point, thick paint brush, 2 liter coke bottle or class something so that you can inside the opening of the gourd so that it can dry. 

  • Part 2 of class:  gourd saw, sandpaper bring piece of what you have 220 /320 grit would work fine,

 Class size:  1 - 12

 Cost:  $40.00 Instructor + $10.00 KGS = $50.00



11:30 – 3:30   

Title of Workshop:  LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT

Workshop Description:  Participants will be making two night-lights. The majority of the time will be working on how to attach the night light to the gourd.  Instructor will explain different options for creating the light designs and embellishments. Time allowance will determine if students are able to complete the 2 lights.  Instructor will be available all weekend for students wanting to work on this project over the weekend to go home with two completed night-lights. 

Instructor will furnish:  gourds.  Extra embellishments will be available for sale.

Students should bring: 

Gourd Saw or a way to cut the gourd

  • Utility knife to start the cut
  • Tools to clean the inside of the gourd
  • Rotary tool like Dremel or Drill
  • Barrel Drum Sander (I use 3/4" - however this requires a drill) a smaller one that fits in the rotary tool will work.
  • Sandpaper for hand sanding 120 grit (1 sheet is more than enough)
  • Awl
  • Drill, drill bits 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" and 9/64"(requires regular size drill if you may want to add 4mm beads if you may want to include them in your light).  

  • Optional: If wanting to do some scoring on the gourd, small round ball works great (will need rotary tool). 

Class size: 1 – 12

Cost:  $25.00 Instructor + $10.00 KGS = $35.00



5:00 – 7:30

Title of Workshop:  OPEN STUDIO 1

Workshop Description:  Finish a night lights, if not completed,   Bring a project you are stuck on or Leah can demo products.  

Class Size:  1 - 12

Cost:  FREE


                                            SATURDAY - OCTOBER 17, 2015


9:00 – 4:00 -- ALL DAY Class

Title of Workshop:  GOURD LAMP SHADE

Workshop Description:  One question I am always asked about my lamps is how do I come up with the designs.  In this class, participants will be working on their own designs.  Instructor will walk students through different ways of how to put a design on the gourd, cut the gourd, add holes and if you want, add gourd beads (sold separately).      

This class has been set up as an all-day class as usually putting the design on the gourd takes the longest time.  So this will allow enough time for the students to put the design on the gourd and work to have a finished lampshade.  

There will be no lunch break per say, but students break as needed. 

Instructor will furnish:  gourds

 Supplies students must bring

         Gourd Saw or a way to cut the gourd,

  • Tools to clean the inside of the gourd,
  • Rotary tool like Dremel or Drill
  • Sandpaper for hand sanding 120 grit (1 sheet is more than enough), 
  •  Regular size drill for the larger drill bits.
  • drill bits  you have and appropriate tool to use them - If you may be thinking about beads – then you will need the following drill bit sizes –  1/8”, 7/32”, 19/64” (these all require a regular drill and will not fit in a rotary tool)

 Class Size:  1 – 12

**Cost:  $50.00 Instructor + $10.00 KGS = $60.00

**The fee covers, the gourd, and instructions and other materials that may be used in designing the lamp shade, the fee does not include but can be purchased separately, the Swan neck lamp, table lamp or black base and light or just the clip light.  I don’t include the lamp part in the class as this allows students to pick the one they want and have control over how much they want to spend on the lamp.  



5:00 – 7:30

Title of Workshop:  OPEN STUDIO 2

Workshop Description:  Finish a night lights, gourd light if not completed.   Bring a project you are stuck on or Leah can demo products.

Class Size:  1 – 12

Cost:  FREE


                                       SUNDAY – OCTOBER 18, 2015


8:00 – 12:00

Title of Workshop:  FALLEN LEAVES - PART 2

See Part 1



1:00 – 5:00

Title of Workshop:  DESIGNING IN SAND

*Smaller version

**Larger version (will not finish this one in class)

Workshop Description:  In this class participants will be working with Adirondack ink/dye, using vinyl as a resist, working with colored sand to make beautiful designs.  

Instructor will furnish:  all supplies

Students should bring:  apron

Class Size:  1 – 12


           *Smaller version:   $35.00 Instructor + $10.00 KGS = $45.00

            **Larger version:   $50.00 Instructor + $10.00 KGS = $60.00