KGS News March 2015

Are you ready for the next onslaught of snow? I've been trying to remind myself that it will be good for this year's gourd crop. We need the moisture, and melting snow raises the water table, making more water available to grow nice, big gourds... right? Now we just need some gourd-related advantage to shoveling all that snow! 

Cabin fever brings dreams of the 2015 Kentucky Gourd Show. Having a good supply of gourds and crafting tools on hand, there is time to work on entries for the 2015 show. Click on the ART SHOWS tab for inspiration on entry classes. Remember that our theme this year is "Gourd of the Reins".

Workshops have been added to the website. You can check them out under the WORKSHOPS tab and either register with PayPal or print out the registration form and send it in with your check or money order.  

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