Tiered Seating For Your Venue

Tiered seating is a common feature in indoor spaces such as auditoriums, theatres and lecture halls. It is also used at sports arenas and schools to seat large crowds. It creates superior sightlines and improves audience comfort making spectators more likely to return to your venue.

Tiered Seating has been around for eons – think of the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome, where exhilarating chariot races held hordes of enthralled spectators spellbound. The same holds true for modern venues, which are increasingly relying on this type of seating to maximise revenue by increasing the number of events that can be hosted.

Unlike non-tiered seating portabletieredseating.co.uk, where the view can be obscured by people sitting in front of you, tiered seating elevates each row of seats with each successive tier, meaning that those at the back of the auditorium or stadium are not at a disadvantage compared to those near the stage. Depending on the venue, the higher tiers can be reserved for VIPs or other special guests – further adding to the sense of exclusivity and importance that can draw in more attendees.

Aside from improving spectators’ experience, tiered seating also improves the acoustics of an event by preventing disruptive chair shuffling and scraping. It is often fitted with additional acoustic dampening properties to further improve the overall experience.

It can be easy to get carried away with the excitement of acquiring new tiered seating for your venue, however, before you commit to any purchase, make sure that you take time to compare prices from different companies. It is not uncommon for smaller companies to be able to offer significantly cheaper pricing than national competitors, especially if they are based closer to your location and don’t have to worry about transport costs for their products.

Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier who can deliver on their promises of high-quality, durable, portable tiered seating. A reputable supplier will usually have a good track record in the industry, as well as a solid reputation for customer service. They should be able to answer any questions that you may have and provide an accurate estimate for the cost of your order.

Tiered seating can be a great asset to any venue, especially when it is able to be moved into different configurations for each occasion. Ideal Plastic Concepts for instance, can produce a range of different portable tiered seating plans that are suitable for your venue and performer requirements. After the event, the structure can be packed up and stored or even repurposed into another structure for a totally different event.

It is also worth noting that most companies who offer tier seating, modular seating or auditorium seating don’t actually make the majority of their money from their seating products! This means that they will usually have a variety of other products in their portfolio that they can sell and provide to customers. This is a sign of a healthy company with a long-term view and a willingness to invest in their own business, rather than simply trying to grab the quickest buck.